Heavy Planet demo review:

"Combining powerful vocals, bluesy doom riffs and post-metal dynamics St. Louis-based band Rowsdower glides through four groovy tracks on their latest EP. Although the band cites influences such as Kyuss, Clutch and QOTSA, I really do not hear it. What I do hear are some laid back tracks which progress around heavy blues riffs, scorching guitar freakouts, and a hint of Alice in Chains gloominess. The band layers it on thick with a very seventies vibe, even covering heavy psychedelic blues legend Robin Trower's classic tune "Bridge of Sighs". ...Hey its that crazy fuck Rowsdower, why the hell are we in Canada anyway??? The band is offering their EP for free in both MP3 and CD formats, go get it now!"

The Sludgelord demo review:

"...Rowsdower play top-notch experimental Stoner Metal taking influence from a whole range of bands but still adding their own original experimental vibe.

The guys sent me a copy of their new demo. A 4 song collection of tunes from the bands existence from 2008 to 2010.

Their music is absolutely superb. Their demo shows off their Blues Tinged Stoner Metal songs to great effect.

If your into CLUTCH, KLYUSS and early QOTSA then your going to love this as I did. The guys do add their own experimental vibe to proceedings to stand out from the crowd.

Even though this is a demo, it’s great to see a band not sticking to the same old boring formula. These guys know how to rock out and play an intense Stoner Metal Riff.

So if you’re a fan of the above bands and like your Stoner Metal tinged with Blues Rock then get checking them out now. As it’s a top notch release from another band to keep an eye on...

Highly Recommended."

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