About the Band

Rowsdower are a heavy blues band, but to stop the adjectives there misses the point. There are obvious elements of bluegrass, spaghetti western, doom, polka, post-metal, odd time signatures, experimental, thrash... Despite the apparent contradictions, Rowsdower navigates these styles to form cohesive songs using an ever-present weapon: The Mighty Groove. From the light-hearted funky foot-tapper describing awaking to an earth occupied by pot sharing aliens (Monday Morning Space Invaders) to the heady and dynamic blues jam about a wasted life (The Hopeless Cry of a Stranger), the moods of the songs are as varied as the styles. A Rowsdower show will take you to unfamiliar places without ever seeming too strange…and you’ll bob your head the whole trip.

Far from detracting from an identity, their focused variation is what provides it. Rowsdower are a band that happily rides contradictions and exposes them as false dichotomies. Named after a mocked character from a horrible B-film (The Final Sacrifice), you get the sense they are perfectly comfortable being completely serious and ridiculous simultaneously.

The band is currently located in St. Louis. They are playing shows regularly and working on a full length due out late this year.

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